GeoStats.jl v0.33


This project release comes with a great number of performance improvements and fixes, including treatment of missing values, corrections in geometrical algorithms and more. We highly recommend updating if you are using previous versions.


We did split off the packages GeoStatsPlots.jl and GeoStatsViz.jl for visualization of objects with either Plots.jl or Makie.jl (thank you @eliascarv for helping out with the split :heart: ). Now users need to import these packages explicitly to produce visualizations with their preferred software stack.

  • GeoStatsPlots.jl extends MeshPlots.jl and GeoStatsViz.jl extends MeshViz.jl to combine recipes for Meshes.jl with recipes for geostatistical objects such as variograms, problems, etc.

  • Moving forward we plan to only develop GeoStatsViz.jl. As soon as Makie.jl introduces a better recipe system, we will merge the recipes back into the project.

An example…

If you like figures like myself, here is an example of Gaussian simulation over a 3D brain model (>1M voxels) from the Stanford volume data archive. Each realization is generated under 1sec :rocket: