Geometric Constraints and Collision Detection

Hey :blush: I have a few questions about the Agents.jl and collision implementation.

I am using the Agents.jl library to model crowd dynamics in closed and geometrically constrained spaces. My first approach to this problem was through Helbing’s social forces model. However, despite creating a walkmap, i.e., a BitArray indicating the positions where agents can walk (similar to the example 3D Mixed-Agent Ecosystem with Pathfinding), I had agents walking in the forbidden areas. I used the AStar() to compute the landfinder, however the social forces did not seem to use that information to constrain the agents to a walkable tile. Therefore, to solve this problem I implemented a collision detection algorithm with tiles from the BitArray.

My question to you is: is there a simpler way, already implemented within the Agents.jl library, to deal with this problem?

Thank you so much for your attention :blush: