Genie.jl and package compiler

I’m new in julia, but this is very promising and good.
I have make a project with genie.jl. Everything run good. Like run command bin/repl or bin/server, run very good.
My question is, how to make it to sytem image using package compiler, and how to run it?

I tested it using mac os and windows.
Thanx and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Have you seen the PackageCompiler docs?

Thanx jzr,
I have fixed, may this script can help the other.
Make sure your genie project is running, it can be confirmed by running the command:

If everything ok, out from julia repl and then run julia command:
julia -q
julia>using PackageCompiler
(@v1.7) pkg> activate .
julia> create_sysimage([“YourProjectName.”], sysimage_path=“”)
… and wait …

test your project:
julia --color=yes --depwarn=no --project=@. -q -L bootstrap.jl -J – “$@”

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