GDAL/ogr2ogr File Conversion

Hi all,

I’m trying to complete what I thought would be a relatively simple task (although I am new to Julia and coding in general) with GDAL, specifically converting a .shp to a GeoPackage using ogr2ogr.

I’ve followed the available documentation here. Specifically the example:

# convert simple features data between file formats
GDAL.ogr2ogr_path() do ogr2ogr
    run(`$ogr2ogr -f FlatGeobuf output.fgb input.shp`)

My current script is:

using GDAL
using SQLite

GDAL.ogr2ogr_path() do ogr2ogr
    run('$ogr2ogr -f GPKG output.gpkg input.shp')

Which throws an error: ERROR: syntax: character literal contains multiple characters

I’ve tested the package installation with no issues. Been stumped for a little while. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well I’ve figured out it’s because


Is different than


Could someone please explain to me what exactly that character is? I feel immensely dumb.

' is for Char


is for commands.

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If all you are doing with ogr2ogr is a disk file format conversion why using Julia and not doing it directly on a shell?

I’m going to have to expand the code quite a lot to parse several directories and convert hundreds of files. Just starting out with the small example here.