Gadfly plots came out really small in Pluto.jl

I’m trying out Gadfly in Pluto for the first time, and for some reason the plots came out really tiny. I tried fiddling with set_default_plot_size(), but it only changes the size of the content, not the “viewport” in the notebook. Any idea what I’m missing?

Here’s an example of what I saw:

My Pluto version is:

deps = ["Base64", "Configurations", "Dates", "Distributed", "FileWatching", "FuzzyCompletions", "HTTP", "InteractiveUtils", "Logging", "Markdown", "MsgPack", "Pkg", "REPL", "Sockets", "TableIOInterface", "Tables", "UUIDs"]
git-tree-sha1 = "02cb8446db747191441795cac87d4fdb5280f1ed"
uuid = "c3e4b0f8-55cb-11ea-2926-15256bba5781"
version = "0.17.4"

And the version of Gadfly embedded in the notebook is:

deps = ["Base64", "CategoricalArrays", "Colors", "Compose", "Contour", "CoupledFields", "DataAPI", "DataStructures", "Dates", "Distributions", "DocStringExtensions", "Hexagons", "IndirectArrays", "IterTools", "JSON", "Juno", "KernelDensity", "LinearAlgebra", "Loess", "Measures", "Printf", "REPL", "Random", "Requires", "Showoff", "Statistics"]
git-tree-sha1 = "13b402ae74c0558a83c02daa2f3314ddb2d515d3"
uuid = "c91e804a-d5a3-530f-b6f0-dfbca275c004"
version = "1.3.4"

related Gadfly plot needs to be scrolled · Issue #1561 · GiovineItalia/Gadfly.jl · GitHub ?

Looks like it’s the same issue, thanks for the pointer.