Function naming (clash, convention)

I’m reviewing a package and there is a function called VaR (Value-at-risk).

Acc. to the conventions I’d propose to make it all lowercase. But then var clashes with the Base.var function and gives a warning when calling the function. What are my options now?

Iiuc I cannot use (and export) var in a user package without having warnings. The name VaR seems too much non-standard. Using qualified calls, MyPkg.var, would be an option. Import ‘var’ and redefine it would be another option (but I think it’s not a good idea to redefine functions with a completely different behaviour?). I suppose, using a non-abbreviated name, e.g. value_at_risk, would be the best choice.

Opinions? What are you doing in such a situation? I think it should be quite common that short abbreviated function names clash with names in Base (or, less bad, other packages).

Don’t export this name and use YourPkg.var. This is exactly the solution that we’ve settled on for things like gradient and parse.


To throw my two cents in, I think @johnmyleswhite’s suggestion is the way to go if you’re intent on keeping the name var or if var really is the most descriptive name for your function. In your case, value_at_risk seems to be a much more descriptive name that doesn’t conflict with anything in Base. Using descriptive names usually the best way to go. Unless var is standard terminology in your field.

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Call the function valueatrisk?

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