Function name like ‘SMatrix{N,N}’

The following is a script from here. We see code

SA = SMatrix{N,N}(A)

Is it ok for a function name to contain the curly brackets? I guess ‘SMatrix{N,N}’ is a function, right?

using BenchmarkTools
using LinearAlgebra
using StaticArrays

add!(C, A, B) = (C .= A .+ B)

function simple_bench(N, T=Float64)
    A = rand(T,N,N)
    A = A'*A
    B = copy(A)
    SA = SMatrix{N,N}(A)
    MA = MMatrix{N,N}(A)
    MB = copy(MA)

    Benchmarks for $N×$N $T matrices
    ops = [
           ("Matrix multiplication              ", *,        (A, A),     (SA, SA)),
           ("Matrix multiplication (mutating)   ", mul!,     (B, A, A),  (MB, MA, MA)),
           ("Matrix addition                    ", +,        (A, A),     (SA, SA)),
           ("Matrix addition (mutating)         ", add!,     (B, A, A),  (MB, MA, MA)),
           ("Matrix determinant                 ", det,      (A,),       (SA,)),
           ("Matrix inverse                     ", inv,      (A,),       (SA,)),
           ("Matrix symmetric eigendecomposition", eigen,    (A,),       (SA,)),
           ("Matrix Cholesky decomposition      ", cholesky, (A,),       (SA,)),
           ("Matrix LU decomposition            ", lu,       (A,),       (SA,)),
           ("Matrix QR decomposition            ", qr,       (A,),       (SA,)),
    for (name, op, Aargs, SAargs) in ops
        # We load from Ref's here to avoid the compiler completely removing the
        # benchmark in some cases.
        # Like any microbenchmark, the speedups you see here should only be
        # taken as roughly indicative of the speedup you may see in real code.
        if length(Aargs) == 1
            A1  = Ref(Aargs[1])
            SA1 = Ref(SAargs[1])
            speedup = @belapsed($op($A1[])) / @belapsed($op($SA1[]))
        elseif length(Aargs) == 2
            A1  = Ref(Aargs[1])
            A2  = Ref(Aargs[2])
            SA1 = Ref(SAargs[1])
            SA2 = Ref(SAargs[2])
            speedup = @belapsed($op($A1[], $A2[])) / @belapsed($op($SA1[], $SA2[]))
        elseif length(Aargs) == 3
            A1  = Ref(Aargs[1])
            A2  = Ref(Aargs[2])
            A3  = Ref(Aargs[3])
            SA1 = Ref(SAargs[1])
            SA2 = Ref(SAargs[2])
            SA3 = Ref(SAargs[3])
            speedup = @belapsed($op($A1[], $A2[], $A3[])) / @belapsed($op($SA1[], $SA2[], $SA3[]))
        println(name*" -> $(round(speedup, digits=1))x speedup")


SMatrix{N,N}(...) here is parametric constuctor to create a SMatrix object.
As far as I know, I don’t think you can use curly brackets in normal function.