Function hist() not found

I am currently learning the Julia Language in JuliaBox and now I face a small problem.

When I try to call it or enter ?hist, it seems to be undefined.

with the message:

No documentation found.

Binding hist does not exist.

Is this my problem? Or any suggestion to solve this problem.

Many thanks

There is no hist. Also, how to quote code.

AFAICT there was a StatsBase.hist, but it was superseded by fit(Histogram, ...). If you are following some tutorial, it may be outdated. Better read the manuals.

PS.: Strangely, hist is still exported, but no longer defined.

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Thanks you for your answering.

What confuses me now is that one can still find hist() in Julia’s function list. That’s weird.

On the other hand, as you said, there is indeed a function similar to hist() if one add the statistical package.