Fully-funded post-doc position at Toronto Metropolitan University

I potentially have a fully-funded opportunity for a person interested in spending 6 months on a post-doc position at Toronto Metropolitan University (potentially also a person during PhD can be accepted). Time span is selected 6 months in 2023 or 2024. The cooperation would be with Paweł Prałat and me.

The form of cooperation is flexible (apart from the fact that the post-doc position is on-site in Toronto; work permit would be organized by the university for international scholars). I assume that an interested person would focus mostly on development of Julia package ecosystem in the areas (in this order of priorities):

  • JuliaData, with focus on DataFrames.jl
  • graphs related contributions
  • simulation related contributions

In addition to contributions to Julia package ecosystem writing research papers would be encouraged.

In general the details what should be done is flexible and can be discussed. The most important prerequisite is that the person should have a proven strong track record of Julia development (as a rule of thumb: I assume that such a person should be able to implement a complex PR to DataFrames.jl or equivalent, with a focus on code correctness, test coverage, and documentation).
The intention is to provide a significant contribution to the Julia ecosystem during the 6 month period.

If someone is interested in such an opportunity please contact me directly.