Free dev-ed path…?

According to the docs, free is the command to undo develop – but if a package is developed by supplying a path, free balks at that path, as it can’t be parsed as a package; and it won’t accept the package, as it’s not in a registry. So … what to do?-)

I don’t understand what this means. Can you provide your inputs and the output from the package manager?

Well, I’m sure I’m just using it wrong, but …

(v1.2) pkg> develop /path/to/package
(v1.2) pkg> free /path/to/package
ERROR: `/path/to/package` cannot be parsed as a package
(v1.2) pkg> free PackageName
ERROR: cannot free a `dev`ed package that does not exist in a registry

I just want it to stop tracking the package :slight_smile:

free takes the package name; free Example for example.

Right – but as you can see from the example above, that doesn’t work in this case. Or so it seems to me, at least?

Ah, sorry, missed the second part. Is PackageName in the registry? That is needed in order to free it to a released version. If it is an unregistered package you can’t do that. Maybe you are trying to get back to tracking master? Then just re-add it instead of using free.

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No, it’s not in the registry. It’s a package I’m working on locally, and I’d like to have Julia stop tracking it. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have it in there, I guess, but if it can’t be removed, that’ll clutter things up.

So it sounds like things are as I feared. That (1) you can track an unregistered package, but (2) you cannot stop tracking it. Or?

Oh, you just want to remove it? Then use rm PackageName.

Aha! I guess I was just confused by free being listed as the inverse of dev – which I guess it’s not, in this case. Thanks!

Thank you! I banged my head for a while until I found your comment. I think it is a good idea to warn the unaware user about it: Suggest user to re-add unregistered package instead of free by mzaffalon · Pull Request #3108 · JuliaLang/Pkg.jl · GitHub