Fourier draws the Julia logo

What if I told you Joseph Fourier has learned to draw in Julia? And what if I told you the first thing he wanted to draw was the Julia logo?
Well, turns out Fourier was not just a great mathematician but also an artist so his first attempt was a success:

I guess I should also mention this was done entirely in Julia. After a bit of pre-processing on the julia logo, the drawing itself was done all with Javis.jl (kudos to @Wikunia and @TheCedarPrince for the amazing package, very excited about v0.2), while the inspiration came from 3Blue1Brown’s youtube videos. Check them out if you want to know more about Fourier series.

If people are interested I might write a blog post about how to use Javis to make this kind of “Fourier-drawings”, maybe even a small package to make it draw (almost) any image. Unfortunately right now I’m super busy with work so I’m not sure how long that might take but I thought this was a cool application that the community would appreciate.

P.S. Unfortunately the .gif is a bit on the heavy side and discourse has some issues with that so I had to load the .mp4 instead (that’s likely because I’m making it unnecessarily render all of the 1000+ vectors used for the drawing while I should have optimized that out, I might try to make it lighter in the future).


This is amazing! Probably the first real animation inside Javis definitely the first outside our development animations.

Thanks so much for sharing :heart: We now have an examples section in our documentation. Would be awesome if we can add your example there if you are happy to share your code. Looking forward to the blog post :blush:


Looks fully sick


Yes absolutely, I’ll be more than happy to add it to the examples section. I just need to “polish” it a bit


My main recommendation is to reverse time, and shift the phase so that it starts drawing the J instead of the a


Great! We would also be interested in problems you had during the animation or something that you wished would be simpler. :blush:

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That’s actually how I had it originally but, since you only understand what is written is “julia” only once it goes through the second half of the writing, the effect was the opposite (i.e. you’d read a -> ia -> lia -> ulia -> julia). Here was one of the first attempts at it.

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Cool, I’ll join you guys on zulip then :slight_smile:


I am absolutely stunned and speechless at the beauty of your animation @ric.cioffi. As @Wikunia said, this is probably the first major animation someone made outside of our development ideas. We would absolutely love to show this off in our examples and also to hear feedback from you.

This is incredible! :heart: