For (new and experienced) Julia users: youtube "Intro to solving differential equations in Julia" on Feb. 6!


On February 6 (10AM PST/1 PM EST/19:00 CET) Chris Rackauckas will give an introductory tutorial on solving differential equations in Julia. This tutorial will target new Julia users and will go over the Julia package DifferentialEquations.jl.

Watch here: and check out our other upcoming online tutorials at :smiley:


This tutorial starts in just a few minutes!


I just watched the tutorial. So great! Thank you Chris. I think that if anyone wants to convince someone about Julia, this video is it! (If the person cares about differential equations…)

I knew DifferentialEquations.jl was awesome but seeing it in action during this tutorial just blew my mind. All the possibilities and flexibility all the while keeping performance and simplicity, I wouldn’t have believed it without seeing it.

It just shows what creativity and hard work can accomplish with Julia!