FM demodulation

Does Julia have a FM demodulation function? My plan is to process data from a software-defined radio (SDR). Would it be a suitable contribution for the DSP.jl package, if such a function does not jet exists for julia?


I personally have not seen anything that performs FM demodulation or any SDR-related packages yet (though I have not looked very hard).


You can use Julia’s package web page to start searching:

I find the search a bit difficult to use effectively.

You can also try “JuliaObserver”, which is a web scraper (I believe):


I personally don’t think SDR-related algorithms would go under DSP. I was looking into starting a different group called “JuliaTelecom”. This is a tentative name, and a more inclusive one might be better. You might want to take a peek at the following thread:

–> Would it be worth creating a "JuliaTelecom" Julia group?

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I don’t think there is any SDR package yet.
From my side, I have wrote some basic bindings of UHD driver to monitor and pilot USRP devices directly in Julia. It “works” with N210 // X310 USRP device even if it is for the moment in alpha mode (and poorly written :D) .I hope to find some time in September//October to wrap it into a Julia package (UHD.jl seems to be a pretty name right ?).

I thumb up @MA_Laforge for effort to grab all telecom stuff in a homogenous group (UHD.jl would fall in this, so your work on FM démod).

Thank you all for your comments. I finally cocked my own FM de-modulator. I use to connect to the SDR device. It worked fine to listen to FM radio.

I am wondering if you had some feedback from the members of the JuliaDSP group on what functionality can be part of this group?


Quite a long time ago, I submitted an “issue” asking if adding a PRBS generator in DSP.jl was a good idea:

I never got a response, but I also figured DSP.jl was not the home for this feature. The contents of DSP.jl seems to house more generic algorithms. I therefore created a new library to publish application-specific, telecom tools.

I really did not push the issue very strongly.

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OK, thanks for your answer. I wish you good luck with your new group!

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