Flux master is incompatible with GeometricFlux

Since I need the Flux#master version for my testing of package FluxModels.jl, I am facing trouble in updating/adding it. I updated GeometricFlux.jl but still there is some error I can’t resolve.

ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package Flux [587475ba]:
 Flux [587475ba] log:
 ├─possible versions are: 0.11.0 or uninstalled
 ├─Flux [587475ba] is fixed to version 0.11.0
 └─restricted to versions 0.10 by GeometricFlux [7e08b658] — no versions left
   └─GeometricFlux [7e08b658] log:
     ├─possible versions are: 0.5.2 or uninstalled
     └─GeometricFlux [7e08b658] is fixed to version 0.5.2

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The log says, that you want to install Flux master (versioned at 0.11) but GeometricFlux does not allow 0.11.

So until GeometricFlux is updated to handle Flux 0.11, you can’t upgrade Flux to beyond 0.10.

So unless you HAVE to have the latest version of Flux then you can just

]rm Flux
]add Flux

I wrote a simple guide here A guide: How to handle "ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected ..."

I have tried with removing and updating of Flux, it didn’t work.

]add Flux@0.10

if you dont need Flux at 0.11

I created a new env and now GeometricFlux supports Flux 0.11

so it should work out of the box then.

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