Flux and automatic differentiation

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This may be a naive question: how does Flux practice automatic differentiation? (i.e. according to which principle; I am aware we are dealing with Zygote)
Where can I possibly find “educational” documentation for this particular aspect? Please note that I am not a mathematician.

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I found something which is extremely helpful here: GitHub - MikeInnes/diff-zoo: Differentiation for Hackers :grinning:


See the manual,


and the paper linked there.

I am very grateful to you, Tamas Papp, for providing me with the link to “What Zygote does”.
I am currently working on the diff-zoo written by Mike Innes. However, I have already browsed the page you mention. I rather like the last sentence:

Of course, our goal is that you never have to do this, but until Zygote is more mature it can be a useful way to narrow down test cases. :wink: