Flow "in" a Klein bottle

Can we make something like this?

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I nan’t really help. However I would first add the Makie package https://github.com/JuliaPlots/Makie.jl
Then try to get it to read a mesh file for the Klein bottle itself https://www.yobi3d.com/q/3d-model-Klein-bottle

The fluid there looks like an SPH simulation http://cfd.mace.manchester.ac.uk/sph/SPH_2day_Course_Manchester_2018.pdf
Someone has written a bit of code, but it is three years old

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It would be very useful to put a bit more “meat” on a question like this. Do you mean if there is an existing package where you can just define some geometry and get raytraced visualizations of fluid flows? Probably not. Do you mean that the julia language has the capability of doing the necessary computations to generate a movie like this. Most definitely. Do you mean what is the best current package to do visualizations like this in general? Etc etc.


I am wondering “do we have the package infrastructure to accomplish this, currently?”
If so, which cooperation of packages is most appropriate / most flexible in this context?
If not, what facilities are required that are not yet ready for prime-time (or unavailable now)?

I found JuliaIO/MeshIO.jl – looks good to me for reading/writing 3D meshes.