FLoops + CUDAEx(): accumulator type must be `isbits` or `isbitsunion`; got: Union{}

I’m trying my first small codes with CUDA, and using the FLoops interface. I am probably missing the basics here, so a brief explanation of this error will probably illuminate my path:

julia> using CUDA, FLoops, FoldsCUDA

julia> function test(x, ex = ThreadedEx())
           @floop ex for val in x
               @reduce(u = zero(eltype(x)) + val)
           return u
test (generic function with 2 methods)

julia> x = Float32[1,2,3];

julia> test(x)

julia> test(CuArray(x),CUDAEx())
ERROR: accumulator type must be `isbits` or `isbitsunion`; got: Union{}

What is wrong with the definition of my accumulator (u = zero(eltype(x) + val) ?

@tkf , I seem to get the same error with the example from the FoldCUDA docs:

julia> function counters(n)
           stride = typemax(UInt64) ÷ n
           return UInt64(0):stride:typemax(UInt64)-stride
counters (generic function with 1 method)

julia> function monte_carlo_pi(n, m = 10_000, ex = has_cuda_gpu() ? CUDAEx() : ThreadedEx())
           @floop ex for ctr in counters(n)
               rng = set_counter!(Philox2x(0), ctr)
               nhits = 0
               for _ in 1:m
                   x = rand(rng)
                   y = rand(rng)
                   nhits += x^2 + y^2 < 1
               @reduce(tot = 0 + nhits)
           return 4 * tot / (n * m)
monte_carlo_pi (generic function with 3 methods)

julia> monte_carlo_pi(2^12)
ERROR: accumulator type must be `isbits` or `isbitsunion`; got: Tuple{Tuple{Any}}

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Thanks for the ping. It looks like a bug. I can reproduce the error with the latest versions of the dependencies in CI Update */Manifest.toml by github-actions[bot] · Pull Request #89 · JuliaFolds/FoldsCUDA.jl · GitHub

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FoldsCUDA#master now works with CUDA#master. I’ll release the fix once CUDA.jl 3.8 is released: Require CUDA.jl 3.8 by tkf · Pull Request #92 · JuliaFolds/FoldsCUDA.jl · GitHub