Finding values and deleting rows in a DataFrame

I’m new to this place, as I am currently taking an introduction course to Julia at university. I am having trouble regarding our take home assignement and hope that you guys can help me out a bit.
So here’s the question: I have a 497x6 DataFrame in which NaN shows up two times. What I have to do now is:

  • Counting the NaN values (answer should be 2)
  • FInding out in which row the values occur
  • Exclude those rows from the DataFrame

I am new to DataFrames and Google did not help me too much. Are any of you guys able to help? Thank you in advance!

Seeing as this is a homework assignment, I won’t directly answer your question, except to say that all of these problems can be solved by application of Julia base functionality. Functions that might be of interest to you include isnan and findall.

You should probably also read through the DataFrames tutorial to understand how row and column selection works.

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Thank you very much Nils. With isnan and findall and some moree googling, i was able to get a hold of the tasks. I should be able to finish now.

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