Fillalpha in Makie band plot

Is there a way to set the transparency of the filled band plots from Makie.jl? For example, what option can I add onto band! in the following code to give transparency, similarly to fillalpha in Plots.jl?

using CairoMakie
f = Figure()
Axis(f[1, 1])
xs = 1:0.2:10
ys_low = -0.2 .* sin.(xs) .- 0.25
ys_high = 0.2 .* sin.(xs) .+ 0.25
band!(xs, ys_low, ys_high)
band!(xs, ys_low .- 1, ys_high .-1, color = :red)

I tried the attributes listed at band but none of them see to relate to the opacity.

A tuple like (:red, 0.5) can be used as a shorthand for a transparent color.

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