Fill function for a tuple

I need to create a tuple with the value r repeated N times. Creating an array would be easy, as I could just do fill(r, N). How can I do this, but creating a tuple instead?

ntuple is probably what you are looking for.

julia> ntuple(i->1, 4)
(1, 1, 1, 1)

julia> typeof(ans)
NTuple{4, Int64}

Thank you. This works, but I am having a problem with type stability (I am obtaining N as the length of a vector).

function test(x::AbstractArray{T}, R) where{T<:Real}
    n = length(v)
    r = ntuple(i -> R, n)

Running @code_warntype

@code_warntype test(x, 2)
MethodInstance for test(::Vector{Float64}, ::Int64)
  from test(x::AbstractArray{T}, R) where T<:Real in Main at ...
Static Parameters
  T = Float64
1 ─      (n = Main.length(Main.v))
│   %2 = Main.:(var"#53#54")::Core.Const(var"#53#54")
│   %3 = Core.typeof(R)::Core.Const(Int64)
│   %4 = Core.apply_type(%2, %3)::Core.Const(var"#53#54"{Int64})
│        (#53 = %new(%4, R))
│   %6 = #53::var"#53#54"{Int64}
│   %7 = Main.ntuple(%6, n)::Any
│        (r = %7)
└──      return %7

(If N were a compile time constant, then there is no problem.)

Did you mean to define test(v), not test(x) ? Because if v is a non-const global, length is not inferred.

Further, because n is known at runtime only, you won’t get better inference than Tuple{Vararg{Int64}}


Yes, sorry, I mixed up x and v. I was using tuples with Iterators to implement a variable nested level loop. Let me think if there is an alternative way to do this. Thanks for your help here.

Every length tuple is a different type in Julia. This is why you shouldn’t over use ... splat either (it makes an arbitrary length tuple that the compiler can’t predict).

Are you sure you need a Tuple? Could you use an array?

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i -> R
Note that, as of Julia 1.7, you can replace constant-valued functions like this with
which might be a little more pleasant to work with.

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