FFT documentation

Hi I have a very general question. As far as I understand AbstractFFTs is the main package in Julia to perform FFTs. Why doesn’t the documentation of this package show up when searching it several search engines? The search results show FFTW.jl after searching something like “FFT julia documentation” or “FFT Julia”.

no, if you read the README, it says

This package is mainly not intended to be used directly. Instead, developers of packages that implement FFTs (such as FFTW.jl or FastTransforms.jl) extend the types/functions defined in AbstractFFTs.

In other words, if you’re a user you’re probably looking for FFTW or FastTransforms


Yes I read that too from the FFTW.jl documentation. But then I would expect that the FFT functions would also be documented there. Now it is quite cumbersome to find the documentation on a function like fft(). (I expected something more of the likes of scipy/numpy).

I guess FFTW.jl needs its own doc strings

I will open an issue at the GIT repository