Where is the FFT?

Hi, this might seem silly, but I can’t seem to find the FFT, neither on the documentation, nor on the Base library. When searching through the help system I get this:

help?> fft
search: Cptrdiff_t findfirst fieldoffset

Couldn't find fft
Perhaps you meant fd, fld, fma, for, if, Set, cat, cot, get, Int, let or diff
  No documentation found.

  Binding fft does not exist.

On Julia 0.6 it was available under Base.DFT. Was it moved to some other library?

Yep, FFT moved out of base to FFTW with the 0.7(+) update. Just add FFTW and it’ll be there under FFTW.fft.

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Use julia 0.7 to figure these things out.


To add to @dpsanders comment - the 0.7 release has been put out to help transition from 0.6 to 1.0. It contains deprecation warnings with alternatives for code that has changed or has been moved to a standalone package. When updating, it’s best to use 0.7 until you’re familiar with the changes and switch to 1.0 afterwards.

It is still not very useful to a newcomer with 1.0 who has never seen 0.6 to tell them “go install 0.7” instead of being able to search the whole documentation.


The original post was specifically someone who was used to the fft function from 0.6.