Feedback on new package

I’m still pretty new to Julia so I’m looking for advice on how share a package. It ports over Unix style shell pattern matching from the Python module fnmatch:

It should be usable for anyone looking for this functionality. I’m using it to port glob style file listing from the Python package glob.

I still need to add docs and tests. Any other advice for first time package development?

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You may announce a new package in discourse category Package announcements.

You can also register the package in the public registry, make it easy for others to import, and easy for you to release with JuliaRegistrator.

For package design and style maybe look to popular packages that have been developed a while, or have a good body of work. I learn from Flux, Zygote and Gadfly.


Thanks! In this case, it turns out my needs were met by an existing package:

But hopefully some of my other work will eventually be shared.