Feedback on Julia User & Developer Survey 2021

It’s time to conduct the third annual Julia User & Developer survey. Before we invite Julia users and developers to complete the survey, we invite you to review the survey questions and share any feedback you may have. The link is available here:

Once you are approved and have access to the survey, please insert comments directly in the Google doc.

Please do NOT attempt to complete the survey at this time. At the moment, we are just looking for feedback on what questions we should ask and how we should ask them. You will be asked to complete the survey later.

Thank you!


I just want to comment (since some people were wondering on Slack) that this is legit and @ahclaster is the head of marketing at Julia Computing. Please do give feedback on the survey so that we don’t miss anything that we should have asked!


Hey @ahclaster - you may want to make the permission comments only. I feel like the document is getting a bit cluttered and hard to see others’ comments with suggestion line comments being generated.

Permissions should already be comment only. Do you see edits that are not entered as comments?

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Google Docs is telling me that I need to ask for access to see this.


Yes - you will need to request that the document be shared with you, which I can then approve.

In the future, we will post this on a public google drive account - but for now looks like 50 odd people who requested have been granted access to read and comment.



Thank you everyone for your comments. If you have not yet had an opportunity to comment, please do so by end of day Sunday April 18. We will review and incorporate comments next week and prepare the survey for data collection.