Fast Plotting Library

Hello there,

I am trying to find the fastest plotting library. With fast, I don’t mean quick at plotting thousands of points, but fast to load. I need to make a couple histograms with a few dozen data points, nothing fancy and only for personal purposes (no publication-grade or anything).

Since I don’t need to wait a long time for calculations or anything of the sort (the data is in a text file and I simply want a script that reads it in and makes histograms) in this case I cannot use something like Plots with such a horrendous precompilation time.

My requirements are:

  • Make histograms
  • Save plots to disk as images

Any suggestions?

Gaston.jl or Gnuplot.jl.

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From a fresh REPL session (Julia 1.7-rc1, Windows 10),

julia> @time begin
           using GR
           h = histogram(rand(100))
           savefig(joinpath(tempdir(), "test.png"))
  7.988594 seconds (16.70 M allocations: 905.847 MiB, 5.31% gc time)

Both excellent suggestions, thanks!
@PetrKryslUCSD @stillyslalom