Failed to precompile OpenCL in julia V1.9, for GPU programming, AMD Radeon graphics

Hello. Anyone to kindly assist. Am trying to instal OpenCL library in julia but getting a precompile OpenCL error. Any suggestions on getting this library to work.

Below is the error am getting: Failed to precompile OpenCL [08131aa3-fb12-5dee-8b74-c09406e224a2] to “C:\Users\path-to-julia\.julia\compiled\v1.9\OpenCL\jl_6F5C.tmp”.

Which Julia version are you using? What is the output of versioninfo()?

Which graphics card are you using?

Did you try to install it in clean environment, e.g.

mkdir test
cd test
julia --project="."
using Pkg

I am not sure if it is expected to work on Windows, see: Support Windows · Issue #199 · JuliaGPU/OpenCL.jl · GitHub

I am using AMD version 31.0.21905.1001, and am using Windows.

ROCm has started supporting windows Install ROCm (HIP SDK) on Windows — ROCm 5.7.1 Documentation Home
AMDGPU.jl explicitly supports Windows (and Linux):
GitHub - JuliaGPU/AMDGPU.jl: AMD GPU (ROCm) programming in Julia

So, if you don’t need OpenCL in particular, you could try AMDGPU.jl.

They’re a little limited on officially supported GPUs, though.

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Thank You @Elrod @ufechner7. most errors i had seems to be resolved. i have one error remaining:
MIOpen is unavailable, functionality will be disabled.

when am testing using a simple multiplication, it terminates unexpectedly.

Can you post the output of AMDGPU.versioninfo()?

This is all I could get about the version

What I mean is that when you launch Julia REPL, execute following:

julia> using AMDGPU

julia> AMDGPU.versioninfo()

I tried to uninstall but the program was loading the whole time, uninstallation was unsuccessful.

Does something like following work?

julia> x = AMDGPU.ones(Float32, 4, 4)

julia> sin.(x)

julia> x * x

And what GPU do you have?

The computer I am using AMD Radeon™ Graphics. The driver version is 31.0.21905

The point is, there are a lot of different Radeon graphic cards. Which one do you have?

My PC shows: AMD Ryzen 5000 Series 7

To get the GPU model you can do:

julia> using AMDGPU

julia> AMDGPU.device()

And post the output here.
If your GPU is something like gfx103x then it is not yet supported properly on Windows.