AMDGPU available for Windows?

Does anyone know when the AMDGPU.jl package will be available for Windows? Right now, it is only available for Linux. Thxs!

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This is stalled on AMD porting ROCm (specifically ROCT and ROCR) to Windows or WSL2. There’s not really much I can do without those, since they’re necessary to be able to launch kernels.

I see, thanks!
Is there any alternative package that I can use? Or should I just buy an Nvidia card and move to CUDA? I’ve been using CLArrays.jl in Julia 0.6v, but it does not work in 1.x versions.

You have the following options for getting GPU compute:

  • Move to Linux
  • Passthrough the AMD card to a Linux VM (making it unavailable to Windows) (untested)
  • Buy an NVidia card and use CUDA

And to help improve the situation going forward, you can:

  • Help with, or sponsor development of, bringing CLArrays.jl back from the dead
  • Make noise on social media and other platforms to push AMD to support ROCm on Windows/WSL2

Did you look at ArrayFire? You can’t write kernels but if you only need whatever predefined operations they already include it should work.

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