Excessive output truncated after 524338 bytes. julia

excessive output truncated after 524338 bytes. julia, How can I solve it?

Well, what did you do?

If you don’t remember you might find your last command in the command line history. Press “arrow up” to see it…

I am solving a large optimization problem and during the solving process that error pops up. I don’t want to print the information for each second, but I don’t know how can I stop printing

You’re going to have to give a bit more context, ideally the code you tried to run.

set_optimizer_attribute(model, GAMS.MIQCP(), “SCIP”)
set_optimizer_attribute(model, GAMS.ResLim(), “1000”)

What is in model??

Try set_silent(model) before optimize!(model).

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Duplicate question as How can I set solPrint from GAMS in JuMP? - #11 by odow

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That works, thanks!
But now, how can I see the final optimality gap and solving time?

Use solution_summary(model). Otherwise relative_gap(model) and solve_time(model).


ArgumentError: GAMS.Optimizer does not support getting the attribute MathOptInterface.RelativeGap().

Not all solvers support all attributes.

cc @renke.kuhlmann


Thanks for pointing this out. I added an issue to GAMS.jl (Add support of attribute RelativeGap (and maybe others) · Issue #20 · GAMS-dev/gams.jl · GitHub) and will work on it (and check if I have forgotten other attributes, too).