Excellent resource!


Thanks very much, @stevengj!


Glad it was helpful to you. I updated the README to give a better table of contents.

Alan and I are planning to do a version of this course again in January 2018.


I didn’t find license information. My current understanding is that open source license (MIT, GPL, BAD etc.) for code + creative common for rest of the material would mean that I can safely reuse the material in my own teaching.

I quickly looked the material and I would like to use it, can I?

For using material in teaching, I think fair use probably applies (at least in the US), so you don’t need a license for classroom use.

That being said, you’re right that we should put an explicit open-source license on the material, probably MIT. I’ll confirm with Alan, Jeff, and David (the other authors).

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I am in Finland, but just out of curiosity, would you consider it fair use, if I would use all of your material for the course and I would organise pretty much the same course. For my understanding it cannot be fair use because I am doing exactly the same thing, I would be a competitor if you will. This is kind of academic question and off topic, thus I don’t mind if nobody won’t answer.

When I will use someone else material, I will give the credits to the original authors of course.

And I agree, thanks for sharing this is excellent material.

Fair use is a legal doctrine; it is not a matter of my judgement. Non commercial classroom use is usually considered “fair use” in US law and requires no permission from the copyright holders, in my understanding. I have no idea about European law.

If you want my permission, you are asking for a license. As I said, I am happy to put my materials under a free/open-source license, but I have to check with the other instructors about their materials.


I am not in hurry, my course will be earliest in May 2018.

I looked more detailed the lectures 1-3 and I have to say really nice examples.

You guys should seriously consider uploading to OCW or Youtube the series lecture.
It would be great!