Example Iris Dataset not running



Does anyone get the Iris Dataset on http://docs.juliaplots.org/latest/ running?


Yes. What about it? What errors did you get?


I’m afraid the tutorial is outdated, only the @df syntax is supported in StatPlots now. For example:

@df iris scatter(:SepalLength, :SepalWidth, group=:Species,
        title = "My awesome plot",
        xlabel = "Length", ylabel = "Width",
        m=(0.5, [:cross :hex :star7], 12),


Sounds like a good PR.


Here goes:


Thanks. That’s working now (on the terminal).
I am using atom as editor and here I keep getting the following error message when using RDatasets

Failed to precompile Missings to user/.julia/lib/v0.6/Missings.ji.

I have added the package StatPlots and RDatasets via the console and uber-juno and hydrogen in nano.
Also, I am confused by the ending ji.

In general: Could it be that there are conflicts between packages I have added (PyPlot, Plots etc), eg when I produce plots, some appear distorted. Also it seems like adding Gadfly and MultivariateStats result in some conflicts. Precompiling Gadfly doesn’t seem to work either and results in a similar error message as the one above

Failed to precompile Gadfly to user/.julia/lib/v0.6/Gadfly.ji.

If anyone has thoughts on that…


Gadfly appears to have a number of conflicts with recently updated packages for Julia 0.6 and 0.7. For that reason as well as a few others, I am no longer using it and have removed it.