Example / Image for EC2 GPU with Julia?

I’m wondering if anyone with experience with GPU programming has examples of spinning up Amazon EC2 instances with GPUs and successfully running Julia on them. I take it the package installation process for getting Julia to “talk” to a GPU can be a bit of a bear. I’m hoping to do something like a Value Function Iteration akin to that demonstrated in this JuliaCon talk:

I see excellent example code here that looks as though it assumes an already configured machine, but I’m wondering if there is any accumulated knowledge from which I could benefit around the stage of configuring the machine. In the past I’ve found getting EC2 nodes working to be a grueling process.

CuArrays are easier. It’s based on CUDA not CLArrays

I do not have an experience, but I have just used Amazons ami for GPU and deep learning, install Flux, CuArrays and everything worked out of the box without any hassle.

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Cool; thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

What version of Julia? 1.1? I was under the impression that CuArrays did not work on v1.1