Has GPU support changed since Flux 0.10?

I get an error message related to CuArrays when I import Flux

julia> using Flux
[ Info: CuArrays.jl failed to initialize and will be unavailable (set JULIA_CUDA_SILENT or JULIA_CUDA_VERBOSE to silence or expand this message)

julia> net = Dense(4,1)
Dense(4, 1)

julia> net = gpu(net)
Dense(4, 1)

julia> net.W
1×4 Array{Float32,2}:
 0.854675  -0.099462  0.313961  0.352113

I use Julia 1.3.0, Flux 0.10 and CuArrays 1.5.0. Everything is up to date.

Yes the GPU ecosystem has been undergoing stabilisation.
As the error message says set the environment flag JULIA_CUDA_VERBOSE=1 to check why it was unable to initialize GPU support.

I opened an issue about it. https://github.com/FluxML/Flux.jl/issues/949