Error while installing Trixi.jl

I am having issue while adding Trixi.jl using Pkg. Below screenshot has all details including my version. And one more thing I am using wsl in VScode terminal.

What are the permissions of the ~/.ssh directory?

devansh@MSI:~$ ls -ld ~/.ssh/
Output is:
drw------- 2 devansh devansh 4096 Mar 7 01:25 /home/devansh/.ssh/
I am not sure what above permission means.

  • r means read
  • w means write

This a directory, however, so we need the x permission which let’s access the contents of the directory.

The expected result should be drwx------.

There are two possible commands here to set the x permission on the folder.

chmod u+x /home/devansh/.ssh


chmod 700 /home/devansh/.ssh