Error when building documentation with github actions

I’ve just generated a new package and put it on GitHub COPInstances.jl
I get the following error while building the documentation. Which is odd as I have the same setup for other packages (beside not being registered yet).

ERROR: could not find entry with uuid fa267f1f-6049-4f14-aa54-33bafae1ed76 in manifest /home/runner/work/COPInstances.jl/COPInstances.jl/docs/Manifest.toml

The uuid refer to TOML.jl, but it is a registered package that seems compatible with any v1 of julia …

Any idea of what is happening and why?

Delete docs/Manifest.toml and remove your package from docs/Project.toml.

About the why: you probably created the manifest with julia v1.6, but then you’re building the documentation in GitHub Actions with julia v1.5, but manifests are julia-version-specific and the presence of TOML (a stdlib in v1.6 but not v1.5 confuses the resolver). Having the manifest in CI is a bad idea, unless you consistently use the same version of Julia to generate it and instantiate the environment.

Regarding why removing your package from docs/Project.toml: your package will be dev'ed when building the documentation, but it should not be in the committed Project.toml.


Thank you so much!

I used PkgTemplates and for some reasons I assumed there would be no manifest for docs (since I chose an option for no manifest), but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Thank you for the explanation, it does make sense, so I will remember it for next package ^^