ERROR: UndefVarError: AbstractEnsembleSolution not defined

Hello. I get this error when I run this line: result = Optim.optimize(obj, [1.0,0.5], Optim.BFGS()). I am following an example at this web page:

I believe I have all of the correct packages installed, of my installed packages below:
DiffEqBase v5.6.4
DiffEqParamEstim v1.7.1
DifferentialEquations v6.3.0
GR v0.39.1
Gadfly v1.0.1
IJulia v1.18.1
Interact v0.10.2
LaTeXStrings v1.0.3
Optim v0.19.3
Plots v0.24.0
PyPlot v2.8.1
RecursiveArrayTools v0.20.0
StochasticDiffEq v6.7.0
Sundials v3.3.0

Your issue is that you are on a very old version of DiffEqBase.jl. Could you try ]up to update your packages?

Note: this is probably the reason for Unable to precompile ParameterizedFunctions as well.

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