Error on load DataFrame with BSON

Hello all!

I’m getting an odd erro when loading a file with BSON. This file was created by other project/enviroment. I’m using and outdated enviroment now because I want to use SOM.jl

ERROR: BoundsError: attempt to access DataType at index [3]
  [1] newstruct(::Type, ::Vector{Any}, ::Vararg{Any})
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\extensions.jl:134
  [2] (::BSON.var"#47#48")(d::Dict{Symbol, Any})
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\extensions.jl:159
  [3] _raise_recursive(d::Dict{Symbol, Any}, cache::IdDict{Any, Any}, init::Module)
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\read.jl:82
  [4] (::BSON.var"#49#50")(d::Dict{Symbol, Any}, cache::IdDict{Any, Any}, init::Module)
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\extensions.jl:168
  [5] raise_recursive(d::Dict{Symbol, Any}, cache::IdDict{Any, Any}, init::Module)
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\read.jl:92
  [6] (::BSON.var"#19#22"{IdDict{Any, Any}, Module})(x::Dict{Symbol, Any})
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\read.jl:86
  [7] applychildren!(f::BSON.var"#19#22"{IdDict{Any, Any}, Module}, x::Dict{Symbol, Any})
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\BSON.jl:19
  [8] _raise_recursive(d::Dict{Symbol, Any}, cache::IdDict{Any, Any}, init::Module)
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\read.jl:86
  [9] raise_recursive(d::Dict{Symbol, Any}, cache::IdDict{Any, Any}, init::Module)
    @ BSON C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\read.jl:93
 [10] raise_recursive
    @ C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\read.jl:103 [inlined]
 [11] load (repeats 2 times)
    @ C:\Users\rodol\.julia\packages\BSON\73cTU\src\read.jl:108 [inlined]
 [12] top-level scope
    @ REPL[15]:1

Here the code i’m using:

TEMP = BSON.load("HundredAppliance.bson")
DF = DataFrame(TEMP[:DF])

And here the status of my enviroment:

(kmaps) pkg> status -m
Project kmaps v0.1.0
Status `C:\PJL\kmaps\Manifest.toml`
⌅ [7d9fca2a] Arpack v0.4.0
  [fbb218c0] BSON v0.3.6
  [b99e7846] BinaryProvider v0.5.10
⌅ [336ed68f] CSV v0.5.23
⌅ [324d7699] CategoricalArrays v0.7.7
⌅ [944b1d66] CodecZlib v0.6.0
  [3da002f7] ColorTypes v0.11.4
  [5ae59095] Colors v0.12.10
⌅ [34da2185] Compat v2.2.1
  [8f4d0f93] Conda v1.8.0
  [9a962f9c] DataAPI v1.14.0
⌅ [a93c6f00] DataFrames v0.19.4
⌅ [864edb3b] DataStructures v0.17.20
  [e2d170a0] DataValueInterfaces v1.0.0
⌅ [b4f34e82] Distances v0.8.2
⌅ [31c24e10] Distributions v0.21.12
⌅ [ffbed154] DocStringExtensions v0.8.6
  [e2ba6199] ExprTools v0.1.8
  [5789e2e9] FileIO v1.16.0
⌅ [48062228] FilePathsBase v0.7.0
⌅ [1a297f60] FillArrays v0.8.14
  [53c48c17] FixedPointNumbers v0.8.4
  [41ab1584] InvertedIndices v1.2.0
  [82899510] IteratorInterfaceExtensions v1.0.0
  [692b3bcd] JLLWrappers v1.4.1
⌃ [682c06a0] JSON v0.21.1
  [b964fa9f] LaTeXStrings v1.3.0
⌅ [2ab3a3ac] LogExpFunctions v0.2.5
  [1914dd2f] MacroTools v0.5.10
⌅ [e1d29d7a] Missings v0.4.5
⌃ [78c3b35d] Mocking v0.7.2
  [bac558e1] OrderedCollections v1.4.1
⌅ [90014a1f] PDMats v0.9.12
⌅ [69de0a69] Parsers v0.3.12
⌅ [2dfb63ee] PooledArrays v0.5.3
  [21216c6a] Preferences v1.3.0
  [92933f4c] ProgressMeter v1.7.2
  [438e738f] PyCall v1.95.1
  [d330b81b] PyPlot v2.11.1
  [1fd47b50] QuadGK v2.8.1
⌅ [df47a6cb] RData v0.7.1
⌅ [ce6b1742] RDatasets v0.6.10
  [3cdcf5f2] RecipesBase v1.3.3
⌅ [189a3867] Reexport v0.2.0
  [ae029012] Requires v1.3.0
  [79098fc4] Rmath v0.7.1
  [172a5912] SOM v0.4.1
  [66db9d55] SnoopPrecompile v1.0.3
⌅ [a2af1166] SortingAlgorithms v0.3.2
⌅ [276daf66] SpecialFunctions v0.9.0
⌅ [2913bbd2] StatsBase v0.32.2
⌅ [4c63d2b9] StatsFuns v0.9.8
  [3783bdb8] TableTraits v1.0.1
⌅ [bd369af6] Tables v0.2.11
⌃ [f269a46b] TimeZones v1.5.9
  [3bb67fe8] TranscodingStreams v0.9.11
  [81def892] VersionParsing v1.3.0
⌅ [ea10d353] WeakRefStrings v0.6.2
⌅ [68821587] Arpack_jll v3.5.1+1
  [efe28fd5] OpenSpecFun_jll v0.5.5+0
  [f50d1b31] Rmath_jll v0.4.0+0
  [0dad84c5] ArgTools v1.1.1
  [56f22d72] Artifacts
  [2a0f44e3] Base64
  [ade2ca70] Dates
  [8bb1440f] DelimitedFiles
  [8ba89e20] Distributed
  [f43a241f] Downloads v1.6.0
  [7b1f6079] FileWatching
  [9fa8497b] Future
  [b77e0a4c] InteractiveUtils
  [4af54fe1] LazyArtifacts
  [b27032c2] LibCURL v0.6.3
  [76f85450] LibGit2
  [8f399da3] Libdl
  [37e2e46d] LinearAlgebra
  [56ddb016] Logging
  [d6f4376e] Markdown
  [a63ad114] Mmap
  [ca575930] NetworkOptions v1.2.0
  [44cfe95a] Pkg v1.8.0
  [de0858da] Printf
  [3fa0cd96] REPL
  [9a3f8284] Random
  [ea8e919c] SHA v0.7.0
  [9e88b42a] Serialization
  [1a1011a3] SharedArrays
  [6462fe0b] Sockets
  [2f01184e] SparseArrays
  [10745b16] Statistics
  [4607b0f0] SuiteSparse
  [fa267f1f] TOML v1.0.0
  [a4e569a6] Tar v1.10.1
  [8dfed614] Test
  [cf7118a7] UUIDs
  [4ec0a83e] Unicode
  [e66e0078] CompilerSupportLibraries_jll v1.0.1+0
  [deac9b47] LibCURL_jll v7.84.0+0
  [29816b5a] LibSSH2_jll v1.10.2+0
  [c8ffd9c3] MbedTLS_jll v2.28.0+0
  [14a3606d] MozillaCACerts_jll v2022.2.1
  [4536629a] OpenBLAS_jll v0.3.20+0
  [83775a58] Zlib_jll v1.2.12+3
  [8e850b90] libblastrampoline_jll v5.1.1+0
  [8e850ede] nghttp2_jll v1.48.0+0
  [3f19e933] p7zip_jll v17.4.0+0
Info Packages marked with ⌃ and ⌅ have new versions available, but those with ⌅ are restricted by compatibility constraints from upgrading. To see why use `status --outdated -m`

Thanks in advance for any clue here!
Best Regards

You need to create and save data frame in the same version of DataFrames.jl as the version you have in your project environment. To add DataFrames.jl at specific version run e.g. ]add DataFrames@0.19.4 in this case.