ERROR: LoadError: Unable to locate Gurobi installation

I’m using Julia 1.6.5 and Gurobi 9.5.0 but right now Julia is adding an outdated version of Gurobi that doesn’t match my Path (9.5.0). Could anyone provide some insight maybe? :slight_smile:
Building Gurobi → C:\Users\Nosdi\AppData\Local\NEMO\depot\scratchspaces\44cfe95a-1eb2-52ea-b672-e2afdf69b78f\f36a2fa62909675681aec582ccfc4a4a629406e4\build.log
ERROR: Error building Gurobi :
ERROR: LoadError: Unable to locate Gurobi installation. If the advice above did not help,
open an issue at GitHub - jump-dev/Gurobi.jl: Julia interface for Gurobi Optimizer and post the full
print-out of this diagnostic attempt.

[1] error(s::String)
@ Base .\error.jl:33
[2] top-level scope
@ C:\Users\Nosdi\AppData\Local\NEMO\depot\packages\Gurobi\7YNJV\deps\build.jl:154
[3] include(fname::String)
@ Base.MainInclude .\client.jl:444
[4] top-level scope
@ none:5
in expression starting at C:\Users\Nosdi\AppData\Local\NEMO\depot\packages\Gurobi\7YNJV\deps\build.jl:152
Unable to locate Gurobi installation. Running some common diagnostics.

Gurobi.jl only supports the following versions:

  • gurobi90
  • gurobi81
  • gurobi80
  • gurobi75
  • gurobi70

Did you download and install one of these versions from

Found GUROBI_HOME = C:\gurobi950\win64

Does this point to the correct install location?

  • on Windows, this might be C:\Program Files\gurobi810\win64\
  • alternatively, on Windows, this might be C:/Program Files/gurobi810/win64/
  • on OSX, this might be /Library/gurobi810/mac64/
  • on Unix, this might be /home/my_user/gurobi810/linux64/

Note: this has to be a full path, not a path relative to your current
directory or your home directory.

We’re going to look for the Gurobi library in this directory:

That directory has the following files:

  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\Gurobi95.NET.XML
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\Gurobi95.NET.dll
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\GurobiJni95.dll
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\grb_ts.exe
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\grbcluster.exe
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\grbgetkey.exe
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\grbprobe.exe
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\grbtune.exe
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\gurobi.bat
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\gurobi95.dll
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\gurobi95_light.dll
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\gurobi_cl.exe
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\vslauncher.exe
  • C:\gurobi950\win64\bin\vswhere.exe

We were looking for (but could not find) a file named like , libgurobiXXX.dylib , or gurobiXXX.dll . You
should update your GUROBI_HOME environment variable to point to the
correct location.

It looks like you have an old version of Gurobi.jl installed.

You should update your packages import Pkg; Pkg.update(), but there might be another package that is blocking Gurobi.jl from updating.

What is import Pkg; Pkg.status()?

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