ERROR: LoadError: importing WaterLily into Main conflicts with an existing identifier

this is my first Julia Repo I am trying to run, so maybe it is a beginners Julia problem. However I want to ask this here as well, if I may.

When trying to run a Script from folder examples I get the mentioned Error. Does someone know the solution to this?
Thank you!

It’s hard to say exactly given the screenshot shows only part of the code.
One possibility: you are not using Revise.jl. Or you are trying to redefine a constant, which requires a REPL restart.

Your first statement is correct, I am not using Revise.jl. May you give me some pointers how to use it in this situation please?

It looks like you’re trying to import a Jupyter notebook as if it were Julia code. Examine ScalarTransport.ipynb in a text editor (not in Jupyter) to see why this is problematic.