Error in launching process on LSF Cluster, after updating Julia version

I have added a new julia version on my university Cluster, moving from 1.7.2 to 1.8.3.
I have add ClusterManagers and tried adding some processes, as I have always done. The problem is that I am not being able to add processes. If I run addproc_lsf(1) what I obtain is

Error launching workers CapturedException(ClusterManagers.LSFException(""), Any[(lsf_bpeek(manager::LSFManager, jobid::SubString{String}, iarray::Int64) at lsf.jl:58, 1), (lsf_launch_and_monitor(manager::LSFManager, launched::Vector{Distributed.WorkerConfig}, c::Condition, jobid::SubString{String}, iarray::Int64) at lsf.jl:78, 1), (#31 at lsf.jl:105 [inlined], 1), ((::Base.var"#929#934"{ClusterManagers.var"#31#32"{LSFManager, Vector{Distributed.WorkerConfig}, Condition, SubString{String}}})(r::Base.RefValue{Any}, args::Tuple{Int64}) at asyncmap.jl:100, 1), (macro expansion at asyncmap.jl:234 [inlined], 1), ((::Base.var"#945#946"{Base.var"#929#934"{ClusterManagers.var"#31#32"{LSFManager, Vector{Distributed.WorkerConfig}, Condition, SubString{String}}}, Channel{Any}, Nothing})() at task.jl:484, 1)]) Int64[]

I checked that I added the path to the new julia version to the bashrc, I run source on it (inspired by this ) but it didn’t work.

Thank you in advance for your time:)