Error using ClusterManager on PBS Torque

I am trying to add processes, but the initial qsub command is failing.

julia> using ClusterManagers

julia> addprocs_pbs(2)
Error launching workers
MethodError(iterate, (Base.ProcessChain(Base.Process[Process(`echo 'cd /home/jishnu/julia && /home/jishnu/lib/julia-1.1.0/bin/julia --worker=BCxfJ6Kl9e9dpUl6'`, ProcessExited(0)), Process(`qsub -N julia-3699 -j oe -k o -t 1-2`, ProcessExited(0))], Base.DevNull(), Base.PipeEndpoint(RawFD(0x00000011) open, 0 bytes waiting), Base.DevNull()),), 0x00000000000063e3)
0-element Array{Int64,1}

Now the qsub command itself is working, I have tested it with a “hello world” script that I had lying around

qsub -N test -j oe -k o -t 1-2 ./

and it seems to produce the expected output files in my home directory. I am confused about why the addprocs is failing. Some help will be appreciated! I was looking at torque.jl but it doesn’t seems to have been updated in three years, so I am not sure if that’s what I need.