Error in adding Plots Pkg


I have just started learning Julia.
I am using Windows 10
I have a problem installing the Plots package.

julia> Pkg.add(“Plots”)
Updating registry at C:\Users\HP\.julia\registries\General
Updating registry at C:\Users\HP\.julia\registries\JuliaComputingRegistry
Resolving package versions…
No Changes to C:\Users\HP\.julia\environments\JuliaPro_v1.5.3-1\Project.toml
No Changes to C:\Users\HP\.julia\environments\JuliaPro_v1.5.3-1\Manifest.toml

when i write using Plots
i have this error

[ Info: Precompiling Plots [91a5bcdd-55d7-5caf-9e0b-520d859cae80]
Your GR installation is incomplete. Rerun build step for GR package.
ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: InitError: Evaluation into the closed module GR breaks incremental compilation because the side effects will not be permanent. This is likely due to some other module mutating GR with eval during precompilation - don’t do this.
[1] eval at .\boot.jl:331 [inlined]
[2] init() at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\GR\RlE5Y\src\GR.jl:274
[3] _include_from_serialized(::String, ::Array{Any,1}) at .\loading.jl:697
[4] _require_search_from_serialized(::Base.PkgId, ::String) at .\loading.jl:782
[5] _require(::Base.PkgId) at .\loading.jl:1007
[6] require(::Base.PkgId) at .\loading.jl:928
[7] require(::Module, ::Symbol) at .\loading.jl:923
[8] include(::Function, ::Module, ::String) at .\Base.jl:380
[9] include at .\Base.jl:368 [inlined]
[10] include(::String) at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\Plots.jl:1
[11] top-level scope at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\Plots.jl:212
[12] include(::Function, ::Module, ::String) at .\Base.jl:380
[13] include(::Module, ::String) at .\Base.jl:368
[14] top-level scope at none:2
[15] eval at .\boot.jl:331 [inlined]
[16] eval(::Expr) at .\client.jl:467
[17] top-level scope at .\none:3
during initialization of module GR
in expression starting at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\backends\gr.jl:6
in expression starting at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\Plots.jl:212


Troubleshooting JuliaPro is always a bit of a hassle because seemingly very few regular Julia users in this community use this pre-bundled Julia version.
The only advice I can give you is to install the current version of Julia directly from their website: Download Julia
With a bit of luck your problem will vanish afterwards.

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There seems to be a version fight going on right now between DifferentialEquations and Plots. Every day I have Plots downgraded from 1.10.2 to 1.6.8 and GR downgraded to 0.52.0, which among other things has an annoying scaling problem (drawing charts 10x too big). Every day I have to manually force Plots to upgrade again, which then downgrades a bunch of other packages. This has caused my builds to be disrupted as well. I was able to find directions of forcing the rebuild of GR:


perhaps some variation of this will work for Plots as well.

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I have another question now!

using XLSX
using Plots
Data = XLSX.readxlsx(“VRPTW.xlsx”)

#Display the data

Cannot convert Array{Any,2} to series data for plotting
error(::String) at error.jl:33
_prepare_series_data(::Array{Any,2}) at series.jl:8
_series_data_vector(::Array{Any,2}, ::Dict{Symbol,Any}) at series.jl:27
macro expansion at series.jl:144 [inlined]
apply_recipe(::AbstractDict{Symbol,Any}, ::Type{RecipesPipeline.SliceIt}, ::Any, ::Any, ::Any) at RecipesBase.jl:282
_process_userrecipes!(::Any, ::Any, ::Any) at user_recipe.jl:36
recipe_pipeline!(::Any, ::Any, ::Any) at RecipesPipeline.jl:70
_plot!(::Plots.Plot, ::Any, ::Any) at plot.jl:172
plot(::Any, ::Vararg{Any,N} where N; kw::Any) at plot.jl:58
(::RecipesBase.var"#plot##kw")(::NamedTuple{(:seriestype,),Tuple{Symbol}}, ::typeof(plot), ::Array{Any,2}, ::Array{Any,2}) at plot.jl:52
scatter(::Any, ::Vararg{Any,N} where N; kw::Any) at RecipesBase.jl:403
scatter(::Any, ::Vararg{Any,N} where N) at RecipesBase.jl:403
top-level scope at VRPTW:19

Hello @Mahnazi and welcome. I always advice Windows users to use the Chocolatey package manager to install Julia

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This tells you exactly what the problem is.

what must I do?

A simple search for this error message led me to this page. Maybe it helps you?