Error Adding Repository


My problem is two-fold.

  1. When I try adding a repository to work with on juliabox - google drive folder or GitHub, it throws an error at the bottom of the screen saying ERROR ADDING REPOSITORY.

  2. When I save a new file or try adding packages I get an error saying - SystemError: mkdir: No space left on device

It would be nice to fix these two issues.


The second error means that you have no space left on your virtual computer. So you need to delete some stuff. I seem to recall that some packages come with huge repos and are essentially unusable on juliabox due to the disc quota. Plots.jl may be one of them. Probably the first error goes away too when you make more disc space available.


Thanks. One of them had suggested that I delete the packages that I had installed by using the Reset My Packages option in the settings. However, it doesn’t seem to work still.


Hopefully someone else can help, as that is the end of my juliabox knowledge.


Try going to the Julia box console and doing

rm -rf .julia

This will remove all of your installed packages.