Equivalent to pipx (install Julia apps)

Is there an equivalent to pipx for Julia apps?

pipx makes it so easy to install Python apps, mainly intended for console apps, but also works with gui apps.

pipx install mnemosyne-proj

on Ubuntu installs the GUI app Mnemosyne which can than be executed with the command mnemosyne.

If such a tool doesn’t exist, what would be needed to build it?

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It just crossed my mind that we have a registry of Julia packages, but it’s not really meant for apps AFAIK. Perhaps it would be good to create an app namespace withing the General registry? So packages that are apps would have to be registered within that namespace. AFAIK this wouldn’t even be the first namespace, I think JLLs have their own, too.

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I believe it does not currently exist, but there is an intention to have Pkg do a lot of the work. Applications: what are they? · Issue #1962 · JuliaLang/Pkg.jl · GitHub

See also Hello from Ion | Ion


And ideally, these apps would just be execution scripts on top of normal julia packages already in current registry…

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it doesn’t seem to be linked from that issue, but there’s a WIP Pkg.jl PR, design doc, and a scheduled JuliaCon talk, so it looks like there’s really been some recent progress here!


This answers my question:

  • what exists is Ion
  • more (better?) functionality is work-in-progress and will be presented on JuliaCon
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