Energy consumption analysis for Julia

Hey folks,

There was an interesting paper published in 2017 which did an analysis of the energy consumption of various programming languages. It would be really great to get Julia support on this repo: I am happy to help however I can but truthfully I’m not a Julia performance expert which I think would be needed here.

Apparently, they have done some tests on Julia back in 2020: Original work in SLE'17 - Updated Functional results - 2020 but they are not in this repo. You might also want to check out: Original work in SLE'17

This follows up a request from 2017: Consumption analysis of programming languages: add Julia?


It looks like they want to use that repo as an archive so I started a new discussion here on where the results should go:

I think there was an update on that study including Julia, if it is the same commented here : I Have a dream! a Green dream -- Does Julia save energy? - #14 by garborg

(Now I see you had seen the update already, anyway, that other thread is related)