Elevator pitch and Presentation

My new company is organising a Technology Week at the end iof the month, including a one day internal conference.
I have the opportunity to do a one minute ‘elevator pitch’ which would secure a longer presentation at the conference.
I have probably asked this before - any pointers to a short sharp presentation on Julia and a longer introduction to Julia would be gratefully received.
I also need a snappy title for the elevator pitch!


Julia: painless abstraction for fast code

  • fast prototyping in an interactive environment with ahead-of-time compilation
  • very powerful parametric type system with multiple dispatch
  • language benefits from development of the LLVM backend
  • supports best practices for software engineering (reproducible environments, unit testing, CI)
  • responsive development team and package authors, great community

Thankyou! Ahead-of-time compilation is such a good phrase. IF JIT is mentioned I guess a lot of people woudl be turned off and claim that Julia cannot be a high performance language.

I shoudl say that the company I joined iss in the seismic processing field. We have a lot of CPUs!

George Datseris’ JuliaCon presentation was sharp and persuasive… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y-ahkUsIrY


I think “just-ahead-of-time compilation” describes it well. Because ahead-of-time suggests a compiled language like C and just-in-time suggest something like Java which is not what Julia does at all.


My understanding is that in

function f(A)
    B = g(A)

if g takes a long time but is otherwise type-stable, calling f(A) would compile h well ahead of time.

I like to focus here on points 2 (parametric type system & multiple dispatch) and 5 (community), especially since the feedback to questions here on Discourse goes well beyond Julia implementation into the problem domain itself, and so many domain experts hang around here :slight_smile:

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Julia is JAOT. Just Ahead of Time

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