Both an announcement and topic that would fit in here this is my package should be added to the general registry tomorrow.

I would love suggestions, ideas on what formulas, ideas, or concepts to add to the project.

baobabfruit88/ElementaryChemistry.jl: A set of various chemistry laws/algorithms (github.com)

Just because I’ve noticed you mentioning “adding to the REPL” a few times - I think what you mean to say is adding to the general registry, such that your package can be installed by calling ]add ElementaryChemistry. Every package on GitHub can be “added to the REPL” by its GitHub URL like ]add https://github.com/nilshg/SynthControl, even if its not registered in the general registry.

That said, congrats on your first general registry-registered package!

Oh thanks ! I had no idea I was saying it wrong I would have kept that up for who knows how long. Thank you so much.

Unit conversion: Unitful already does all that and more:

uconvert(u"°C", 212.0u"°F")
# 100.00000000000006 °C