Efficient link all x-axis for updating limits and zooming in x direction

I am making an interactive app that has some series of axis with the same x axis. For efficiency reasons, I am linking the x-axes, so that I only update the x limits of one axis. I’ve noticed, with the way I do it now (see MWE below), when I zoom into one axis, only the axis I zoom, and the last one (where I link everything to) are updated, while the rest are static. What is the best way to couple things, so that when I zoom to any axis, all axis reflect the zoom in the x-axis?

using GLMakie
idxs = 5
fig = Figure()
axs = []
for i in 1:idxs
    ax = Axis(fig[i,1])
    lines!(ax, rand(10), rand(10))
    push!(axs, ax)
for i in 1:idxs-1
    linkxaxes!(axs[i], axs[end])
    hidexdecorations!(axs[i]; grid = false)


It should just work, seems this has become buggy at some point? Is it the same with linkxaxes!(all_axes...)?