Makie - more idiomatic way to link x-axes of columns and y-axes of rows

Hello everyone.

I am trying to create a grid of axes, plot some data into each of them, and then link all the y-axes of each row of plots and all x-axes of each column of plots. The reason for this is that I want to plot various dependent variables (rows of plots, y-axes) against various independent ones (columns, x-axes) of the same dataframe. So in one row of plots, all y-axes represent the same dependent variable, and in one column of plots, all x-axes represent the same independent variable. Therefore I want these axes to be linked.

I managed to achieve the desired behavior like this:

let f = Figure()

	xn = 4
	yn = 3

	axs = Array{Makie.Axis}(undef, (yn, xn))

        # Simplified, using dummy data
	for i in 1:yn  # Iterate over different columns of dataframe to plot on y-axes
		for j in 1:xn # Iterate over different columns of dataframe to plot on y-axes
			ax = Axis(f[i, j])
			plot!(ax, rand(10) .* i ./ j, rand(10) .* i ./ j)

			axs[i, j] = ax

	for i in  1:yn  # Link the y-axes of each row
		linkyaxes!(axs[i, :]...)
	for i in 1:xn  # Link the x-axes of each column
		linkxaxes!(axs[:, i]...)

I initialized an array of axis objects beforehand, iterate over my data, plot each variable pair on a new axis, and put that axis on the respective position in the array. Afterwards i need to iterate over each row and link the y-axes and over each column to link the x-axes.

While this method works, I am sure there is a much shorter, more intuitive and more idiomatic way to do this. This is why I am writing this post and asking for advice on how to simplify what I am doing. Maybe someone got ideas :slight_smile: