EEGLAB .set Format in Julia


I’m a neuroscientist considering switching to Julia. I’m writing some functions and got a bit frustrated with MATLAB. My question is: is there a way to import EEGLAB .set format to Julia, similar to for example pop_loadset() in MATLAB? Or should I consider calling MATLAB functions from Julia?


According to EEGLAB data structures - EEGLAB Wiki, the .set files are Matlab files and can be read with GitHub - JuliaIO/MAT.jl: Julia module for reading MATLAB files

using MAT
EEG = matread("eeglab_data.set")["EEG"]

Thanks a lot!

You can also use GitHub - beacon-biosignals/PyMNE.jl: Julia interface to MNE-Python via PyCall to read in any of the M/EEG formats that MNE-Python supports.