Economic Consultant role in London, UK

Hi all,

As some of you will know I work as an Economic Consultant in Alvarez & Marsal’s London based economic consulting team.

We’re currently looking for an early career economist with a particular interest in quantitative economic applications - think econometric and simulation modelling. The position would probably be suitable for someone graduating from an MSc or PhD course, or with 1-3 years of relevant experience. While the team is currently working remotely for obvious reasons, the job is London based.

The team is part of A&M’s wider Disputes & Investigations offering, and as such much of our work revolves around disputes and arbitrations, but we also cover the more traditional regulatory economics space, economic impact assessments, policy development and forecasting/analytics.

Clearly this job offer is a bit different from the average post here on Discourse as this isn’t a software engineering or ML role, and we’re probably even requiring some familiarity with Excel :slight_smile:. We are however looking specifically for candidates with strong quantitative modelling skills, which is why I’m posting here (plus I would be excited to increae the Julia user base in the team by 100%)!

While an economics degree is not a strict prerequisite, we are ultimately looking for someone who can think through an economic problem using he appropriate frameworks, and currently the team only consists of people with either an MSc or PhD in economics.

There’s a bit more info on our website here. Feel free to reach out to me if the position is of interest!